My divorce is over and I'm going to miss this incredible lady! Patricia guided me through my divorce with compassion, integrity and ALWAYS made me feel that she had my back. I'd recommend her 100%.


The only one I'd trust my my side

When I first met Patricia she came to me highly reviewed and regarded by a prior client. I was involved in a family court custody case unlike anything I had ever imagined. Overwhelmed and in need of guidance, insight and determination to my cause I reached out and was rewarded greatly.

From the day I stepped into her office I was put at ease. Her candidness and awareness of the law and my situation allowed me to put my full trust in her. Time after time she has stood with me against a manipulative abusive ex, and fought without abandon for mine and my child's rights. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference her compassion and intelligence brought into the courtroom in my favor time and time again. I would recommend her to my closest family member with ease.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.


Patricia Bisesto is a class act. I highly recommend her to anyone who is planning a divorce or needs to switch attorneys. The first time we sat down in a courtroom, it was clear to me that I hit the jackpot with an attorney who knew how to fight, tactfully and effectively. She sticks to the facts, has the utmost respect for the law, and treats all people with respect.

Because Ms. Bisesto is so cool, calm and collected, she is particularly excellent at dealing with bullies. Unfortunately, we were dealing with a bully, but my attorney always took the high road. She did not ever waiver with her steadfast, firm and un-antagonistic approach. Opposing side, on several occasions, threw some heavy bricks at us. How Ms. Bisesto handled that was not by throwing them back or lashing out, but by catching them and turning them into dust.

She is committed and dedicated to her work, will not waste your time and money on frivolous phone calls and emails, and will be honest with you about what to expect. With her expertise and many years of experience in practicing matrimonial law, Ms. Bisesto delivered the results she anticipated from the onset. I have great respect and appreciation for Patricia Bisesto.

A word of advice to divorce clients. Understand that legal professionals bill for their time--all their time. Do some research about divorce processes in your state/county before you hire an attorney. Understand that in this profession, time is money and fifteen minutes wasted on questions your attorney does not yet have answers to is not money well spent. Ask the important questions before you hire your attorney during your interview, and once you hire your attorney, let them do their job. Trust that when they have something to tell you, they will.


Amazing Attorney

After being divorced for several years, my ex-husband decided not to continue paying his child support obligations. After trying for months to work this out between ourselves, I decided it was time to seek professional help. I made several consultations with local attorneys and was not happy with any of them I felt they cared more about themselves and getting paid than actually helping me with my problem. I made an appointment with Patricia Bisesto and hired her immediately .she made sure I knew that my satisfaction came first and she would do whatever it took make sure I was satisfied with the outcome, and she kept her word. Her knowledge of the law was incredible. Knowing that I really was not comfortable having a judge decide what I needed. Patricia did everything she could to make sure we could come to a settlement on our own, and she did the morning of our first court appearance she brought a settlement to me that not only was I comfortable with but it went above that. We signed the settlement before letting a Judge get involved which is what I wanted. Patricia listened to what I wanted and felt comfortable with, and you don't find that very often. I have and will continue to refer Patricia Bisesto to anyone who is in need of a divorce attorney or a post divorce attorney .


I can't say enough about Ms. Bisesto and her expertise. She knows the law and is an excellent attorney. Dedicated to her clients, she goes above and beyond. She helped me through a difficult time in my life and thanks to her my situation is a much better one. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who needs a good attorney.

Excellent Attorney!

Capable and competent lawyer

Patricia Bisesto has been my attorney for the past 8 years. My ex-husband has gone thru about 8 different attorneys during that time, I would imagine in the hopes of finally winning over Patricia. This has yet to happen. During each court appearance, and there have been many, Patricia can jump in and do exactly what needs to be done. She's is extremely knowledgeable of courtroom protocol as well as information that is and isn't admissible...


Definitely Hire a Pitbull

Patricia Bisesto helped me navigate through a nasty divorce, culminating in a 6 day trial to divide assets and compel my ex to adhere to court orders. She far and away litigated on my behalf and was successful in representing my interest and the well being of my children. I would definitely recommend her if you (unfortunately) find yourself needing a divorce lawyer. Although my divorce has been completed I am still fighting and she is still there fighting every step of the way.


One of the best divorce attorneys!

Patricia Bisesto helped me for two years in my fight with my ex-husband who did not want to fulfill his obligations concerning his children in our original divorce agreement. She advised me when I went to family court myself(and I won against a lawyer) and when it got really ugly, she represented me and blew the other parties out of court. I always highly recommend her to all my friends. I describe her as a bull dog - she fights for you and has a complete knowledge of the law! I would classify her as one of the best divorce attorneys around - HANDS DOWN!


Wonderful Attorney

While going through a very tough divorce, I don't know what I would have done without Patricia Bisesto. She was always there for me when I had a question or a problem. She is a great attorney, very knowledgeable on the law and very professional in and out of court. Always had my best interest at heart.
I would highly recommend her to family and friends


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